You Are Called To Submit To Your Boss (1 Peter 2:18-25) [Podcast]

Hope for Exiles: The Teachings of First Peter - Part 13

What is the essence of the relationship of an employee to his or her boss? Although we might not think of it using this term, the answer is submission.

When a willingness to do what an employer wants is lacking, trouble is sure to follow.

In this thirteenth message from the series “Hope for Exiles: The Teachings of First Peter,” Dr. David Rhoades makes the transition from first-century slavery to modern-day employment as he explores this most important dynamic.

What Work Does for You (2 Thessalonians 3:6-12) [Podcast]

Understanding the Christian Life: Exploring Second Thessalonians - Part 6

In the United States, there are more people living in households with someone on welfare than there are full-time year-round workers. There may not be much that we can do to affect the entire country, but we can make sure that our own lives reflect biblical values.

In this sixth message from the series “Understanding the Christian Life: Exploring Second Thessalonians,” Dr. David Rhoades examines Scripture to help us discover the ways in which we are the beneficiaries of work.