You Are Made In God’s Image! (Genesis 1:26-27) [Podcast]

President Obama’s administration recently issued mandatory guidelines for school districts that wish to continue receiving federal funds: conform with its new understanding of gender identity. Schools are now directed to provide a supportive environment for transgender students and teach all children that it is normal and acceptable to identify as something different than one’s sex.

In this first sermon from the series “Being Human – And How It Can Change Your Life!”, Dr. David Rhoades explains the perspective of our Creator on this subject as revealed in Genesis 1:26-27.

You Are Made In God’s Image! (Genesis 1:26-27) [Podcast]
Being Human - And How It Can Change...

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Gender Identity Chaos and Authority

How in the world can people be confused about something as basic as human sexuality? But confused they are! There is a growing generation of people who think that gender identity is a choice. So what is going on?

Here’s a primer on what we are told we must think about these things. This is by no means comprehensive, but it will help you understand the debate as framed by transgender activists: (more…)