Gender Identity Chaos and Authority

How in the world can people be confused about something as basic as human sexuality? But confused they are! There is a growing generation of people who think that gender identity is a choice. So what is going on?

Here’s a primer on what we are told we must think about these things. This is by no means comprehensive, but it will help you understand the debate as framed by transgender activists: (more…)

Obeying God Sexually (1 Thessalonians 4:1-8) [Podcast]

Far too many Christians today are in fact sexual atheists: they behave sexually as if God does not exist. From married Christians committing adultery to single believers cohabiting, the breadth of sexual sins followers of Christ engage in is comprehensive.

Is our sexual behavior really that important? Isn’t it just my own personal business what I do with my body? In this sixth message from the series “Grasping the Good: Encouragement for Troubling Times,” Dr. David Rhoades explains why sexual behavior was the first topic Paul discussed as he began to exhort the believers in Thessalonica.

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Obeying God Sexually (1 Thessalonians 4:1-8) [Podcast]
Grasping the Good: Encouragement fo...

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