Wisdom in Relationships (Proverbs 3:27-35) [Podcast]

The most difficult thing you will ever deal with is people.

Love. Revenge. Empathy. Bitterness. These are just a few of the complex spiritual dynamics that impact our lives every day.

In this third message from the series “Proverbs: Gear for Life,” Dr. David Rhoades brings to light some life principles the Book of Proverbs teaches about relationships.

Wisdom in Relationships (Proverbs 3:27-35) [Podcast]
Proverbs: Gear for Life

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How To Deal With Conflict

No area of our lives is immune from conflict. We can encounter conflict in our marriages, with our children, at church, in school, and at work.

Some people are “conflict magnets.” They seem to attract friction and disputes wherever they go.

Others are immune to conflict. No matter what is going on around them, they are unaffected. They’re like the guy with high metabolism who can eat as much as he wants and never gain weight. (I hate that guy!).

It’s not necessarily a good thing to be unaffected by conflict. That might be a sign of severe narcissism. Hopefully you care enough about people to want peace.

And it’s certainly detrimental to be paralyzed by conflict. Your goal needs to be to deal with it and move forward.

If we’re going to deal with conflict the right way, we need to identify and avoid the pitfalls. (more…)