You Are Called To Submit To Donald Trump (1 Peter 2:13-17) [Podcast]

If you are a Christian, Scripture would have you understand that you are an exile living in a strange land. Your citizenship is ultimately in God’s kingdom, not man’s.

No matter what nation you belong to or the governmental system of that nation, God calls you to submit to its leaders. Christians in the United States must soon submit to Donald Trump when he becomes President.

Submission to those in authority is a general principal. It does not mean that human authority is unlimited or that we obey people when they command us to disobey God or our conscience.

Learn more about what the Bible says about this in the twelfth message from Dr. David Rhoades’ series, “Hope for Exiles: The Teachings of First Peter.”

You Are Called To Submit To Donald Trump (1 Peter 2:13-17) [Podcast]
Hope for Exiles: The Teachings of F...

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Should Christians Vote For Trump? Clinton? Neither?

We are blessed to live in an era where we can vote for our own national leaders. But when the Bible was being written, there weren’t any presidents—only kings. So does the Bible have anything to say about the kind of person we should vote for as president? Yes!

The Book of Proverbs provides timeless wisdom on many current topics. Below are eight principles from Proverbs that we should consider when deciding who to vote for to lead our nation: (more…)

Christians Are Seeking To Heal Our Nation

In my own community and around the nation, spontaneous gatherings of Christians have sprung up. We are joining together not to protest, but to pray.

The crisis that has facilitated the prayer gatherings is well-known and well-documented: five Dallas police officers were ambushed and killed on Thursday evening while providing security for protesters. Seven other people were wounded.

And this tragic event was not without context. Videos of two African-American men recently killed in separate encounters with the police have escalated tensions in our nation.

Much good can come out of tragedy and crisis…if we seek it. One encouraging sign among many is that people are starting to turn away from seeking answers from Washington, D.C. Instead, they are seeking answers from heaven.

In my own town of Levelland, Texas, I was privileged to participate with about 60 others who gathered to pray for our police officers. Local resident Jaime McCabe, who was prompted by the Holy Spirit to issue this call to prayer, said she hoped for maybe ten to twelve of her friends to show up. But when we join God where He is working, He sometimes does unexpected things. Police officers came to the gathering, as did their spouses, firefighters, pastors, and many citizens.

My prayer is that this might be the spark of revival that our nation so desperately needs.

Below are two news reports on the prayer gatherings.

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The Safe Path Through Judgment (2 Chronicles 7:13-14) [Podcast]

With our nation under God’s judgment due to people losing their fear of God, Dr. David Rhoades charts a pathway through the judgment to return to God.

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The Safe Path Through Judgment (2 Chronicles 7:13-14) [Podcast]

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