How To Take An Unpopular Stand

Two weeks after U.S. Soccer announced that their men’s and women’s teams will be wearing rainbow-colored jerseys in support of gay pride month in June, one player has removed herself from the team.

Jaelene Hinkle has seemingly taken a very unpopular stand on a hot-button issue. I say seemingly because she has simply stated “personal reasons” for her decision.

From what outsiders such as myself can determine, Ms. Hinkle is a Christian woman with deep convictions. Her self-removal from the team gives every appearance that she followed her principles when presented with the following scenario: The team made a decision that would require her to violate her convictions. In response, she quietly and voluntarily removed herself from the team.

You Are Called To Endure (1 Peter 3:13-17) [Podcast]

Hope for Exiles: The Teachings of First Peter - Part 17

When you think of endurance, what image comes into your mind? A marathon runner? Or maybe a visit to the dentist?

Does the word “endurance” make you think about a follower of Christ? Or do you imagine Christ-followers as wimpy people who make excuses or look for an escape from dealing with real-life problems?

God’s understanding of His children is always perfect, and He envisions His people as those who endure suffering in exchange for a greater glory. In this seventeenth message from the series “Hope for Exiles: The Teachings of First Peter,” Dr. David Rhoades shows how endurance plays an essential role of the life of a Christian.

Praying for Change (2 Thessalonians 1:11-12) [Podcast]

Understanding the Christian Life: Exploring Second Thessalonians - Part 2

People use a lot of methods to try to better their lives: New Year’s resolutions, 12-step programs, and psychological counseling are just a few. Sometimes they are effective, but often they are not.

But how can prayer affect change? Does it make any difference at all? In this second message from the series “Understanding the Christian Life: Studies in Second Thessalonians,” Dr. David Rhoades examines how prayer can facilitate changes in our beliefs and behavior.

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The Path of the Vine (John 6:26-58) [Podcast]

The Level Path - Part 6

Why do people come to Jesus? How about you? What brings you to Him? Many (if not most) people initially come to Jesus because of a need in their own lives. There comes a time, however, when we must begin coming to Him not just for our own needs, but to worship Him and become more like Him.

In this sixth and final message in the series “The Level Path,” Dr. David Rhoades explains how this life principle can the be key that keeps us on the path to further godliness.

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The Path of Expressing Thanks (2 Kings 5:1-19) [Podcast]

The Level Path - Part 5

God forbids sexual immorality, speaking in immoral ways, harboring immoral thoughts, and even having immoral desires. We know this, so why do we continue to struggle with these things? It is because we have failed to learn a very important lesson: God not only forbids those things, but He commends something else that must replace them: expressing thanks.

In this fifth message from the series “The Level Path,” Dr. David Rhoades demonstrates through Naaman’s life how expressing thanks gives us the power to obey.

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The Path of Friendship (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12) [Podcast]

The Level Path - Part 4

“All I need is God.” To say or think anything else sounds like heresy. In a society that values individuality, we can easily overlook a most important resource that God has given us: friends.

What role do our trusted, Spirit-filled friends play in helping us in our spiritual journey? In this fourth message from the series “The Level Path,” Dr. David Rhoades explains the necessity of walking with edifying friends.

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The Path of Violence (Matthew 18:1-10) [Podcast]

The Level Path - Part 3

One of the most violent passages in Scripture is in Matthew 18:1-10. In it Jesus recommends drowning and amputation to keep others and yourself from stumbling. If His view of sin and its effects is different than ours, we should ask ourselves why that is. What does Jesus know that we have failed to understand?

In this third message from the series “The Level Path,” Dr. David Rhoades explains why getting violent against sin is critical to our spiritual journey.

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The Path of Sorrow (2 Corinthians 7:8-11) [Podcast]

The Level Path - Part 2

Doing the wrong thing makes us sad. We’re afraid we might suffer loss related to our reputation, our job, our money, or our family. Although this kind of sorrow is common, it will not produce change in our lives.

In this second message from the series “The Level Path,” Dr. David Rhoades explains the shortcomings of this emotion, contrasting it with the effectiveness of godly sorrow.

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The Path of Grace (Romans 6:11) [Podcast]

The Level Path - Part 1

“Why do I struggle with the same temptation and sins repeatedly? If Christians are supposed to live victoriously, then what’s wrong with me?” If these questions resonate with you, then you can rest in the good news of God’s provision.

The Lord has given us a level path in which we can walk in victorious obedience to Him. In this first message from the series “The Level Path,” Dr. David Rhoades explains that this path is at its foundation a path of grace.

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Moses: Choosing the Ways of God (Numbers 20:2-12) [Podcast]

Feet of Clay: Imperfect Heroes of the Bible - Part 6

If I’m a Christian, isn’t that enough? Does it really matter that I obey God in the small things? In my daily life, why can’t I just choose my own way of living?

In this sixth message from the series “Feet of Clay: Imperfect Heroes of the Bible,” Dr. David Rhoades examines the repeated mistakes of Moses in choosing his own ways instead of God’s.

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