How To Take An Unpopular Stand

Two weeks after U.S. Soccer announced that their men’s and women’s teams will be wearing rainbow-colored jerseys in support of gay pride month in June, one player has removed herself from the team.

Jaelene Hinkle has seemingly taken a very unpopular stand on a hot-button issue. I say seemingly because she has simply stated “personal reasons” for her decision.

From what outsiders such as myself can determine, Ms. Hinkle is a Christian woman with deep convictions. Her self-removal from the team gives every appearance that she followed her principles when presented with the following scenario: The team made a decision that would require her to violate her convictions. In response, she quietly and voluntarily removed herself from the team.

Celebrating Israel with America’s Rabbi

Today I had the distinct pleasure to meet and listen to Rabbi Daniel Lapin. He was in Dallas to honor the 50th anniversary of the Six-Day War.

In that war, Israel was very much outmanned and outgunned. The old city of Jerusalem had been captured by Jordan during Israel’s war of independence in 1948. As a result, synagogues were destroyed and Jews were forbidden from visiting their holy sites.

Almost twenty years later, the forces of Egypt, Jordan, and Syria were ready to strike in an effort to wipe Israel off the map. But Israel made a surprise pre-emptive strike, and the Lord provided miracle after miracle to keep the young nation in tact.

Importantly, Jerusalem was freed and unified. Israel quickly allowed people of any faith—Jew, Christian, and Muslim—to practice their religion freely in the city.

Today, Israel is a land with no oil, not enough water, and many enemies around the world. Yet it stands as a model of liberty and prosperity to its neighbors.

To learn more about Rabbi Daniel Lapin, check out his website at 2.0

Although you might not be able to tell, I’ve made some important changes to my website, which is the basis of my online ministry. They are:

First, I am focusing my online ministry to helping people know God. This may seem like a broad generalization (and in some ways it is), but this provides me with some boundaries regarding what I publish. There is a difference between teaching what the Bible says about a given topic and helping people discover how their relationship with God can affect their lives.

With this in mind, I have changed my website’s slogan from “Biblical Solutions for Life” to an entirely new title: “The Joy of Knowing God.” You can see this change reflected in the header above.

I have also updated the categories of my posts. Formerly, they were:

  • Bible Study
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Church Life
  • Social Issues

Now, my categories better reflect my new focus on helping people know God. Here are the new categories (with descriptions):

  • Discover God – Post with God as the subject or focus; includes evangelistic and theological posts
  • Improve Your Life – Posts that focus mainly on spiritual or personal growth
  • Influence Others – Posts with others as the focus
  • Resources – Photos, books, quotes, snippets, videos, events, and more; stuff you can copy, buy, attend, or use in some other way.

In the very near future, you should see an uptick in posts. Stay tuned!

Acquiring God’s Eternal Wisdom (Proverbs 1:1-7) [Podcast]

Proverbs: Gear for Life - Week 1

A treasure buried in your backyard. You know it’s there. It’s just waiting to be found.

You wouldn’t waste any time getting out your shovel or hiring a crew to start digging. It’s already yours, after all. You just need to find it.

Well, there may not be a treasure in your backyard, but there is something far more valuable within your reach: eternal wisdom from the Creator of the universe.

Take a journey with Dr. David Rhoades as he unearths God’s eternal wisdom in his new series called “Proverbs: Gear for Life.” Where does the journey begin? Find out in the very first message: “Acquiring God’s Eternal Wisdom.”

No Little People (Kindle Edition) (Crossway, 2003)

One of my favorite figures in Christian history is Francis Schaeffer. He wrote a book for people (and churches) that might feel small and unimportant.

Here’s the summary from Amazon:

Most Christians take an honest look at themselves and conclude that their limited talents, energy, and knowledge mean that they don’t amount to much. Francis A. Schaeffer says that the biblical emphasis is quite different. With God there are no little people!

This book contains sixteen sermons that explore the weakness and significance of humanity in relationship to the infinite and personal God. Each was preached by Schaeffer at L’Abri Fellowship in Switzerland to the community that gathered there to work, learn, and worship together. The focus of this collection is the lasting truth of the Bible, the faithfulness of God, the sufficiency of the work of Christ, and the reality of God’s Spirit in history. The sermons represent a variety of styles-some are topical, some expound Old Testament passages, and still others delve into New Testament texts. No Little People includes theological sermons and messages that focus specifically on daily life and Christian practice. Each sermon is a single unit, and all are valuable for family devotions or other group study and worship. Readers will be encouraged by the value that God places on each person made in His image.