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Although you might not be able to tell, I’ve made some important changes to my website, which is the basis of my online ministry. They are:

First, I am focusing my online ministry to helping people know God. This may seem like a broad generalization (and in some ways it is), but this provides me with some boundaries regarding what I publish. There is a difference between teaching what the Bible says about a given topic and helping people discover how their relationship with God can affect their lives.

With this in mind, I have changed my website’s slogan from “Biblical Solutions for Life” to an entirely new title: “The Joy of Knowing God.” You can see this change reflected in the header above.

I have also updated the categories of my posts. Formerly, they were:

  • Bible Study
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Church Life
  • Social Issues

Now, my categories better reflect my new focus on helping people know God. Here are the new categories (with descriptions):

  • Discover God – Post with God as the subject or focus; includes evangelistic and theological posts
  • Improve Your Life – Posts that focus mainly on spiritual or personal growth
  • Influence Others – Posts with others as the focus
  • Resources – Photos, books, quotes, snippets, videos, events, and more; stuff you can copy, buy, attend, or use in some other way.

In the very near future, you should see an uptick in posts. Stay tuned!

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