The Influence of False Teachers (2 Peter 2:1-3a) [Podcast]

Imagine you were a shepherd, looking out over the flock given into your care. You see nothing out of the ordinary—just a cloud of wool gently moving about on a pasture.

Suddenly, piercing the silence comes a sound you that makes you cringe: a lamb—under attack—screams. Rushing to its aid, you find next to it and staring back at you a wolf, covered with the hide of a large sheep.

Who would put sheepskin on a wolf? There can be only one answer: your enemy. The one who has made it his mission to destroy the flock you shepherd.

In this fifth message from the series “The Lighthouse: Warnings from Second Peter to an Endangered Church,” Dr. David Rhoades issues to the church a call to remain on the alert for the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

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